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From local residents of Sumy to numerous tourists of the city, everyone loves to drink a cup of aromatic coffee. Therefore, everyone should take care of the cleanliness and snow-whiteness of their smile like no other. GraDent dentistry in Sumy provides a full range of services: from professional cleaning to teeth whitening.

  • Professional hygiene

    Once every 6 months, both children and adults are recommended to visit a hygienist for professional cleaning. For the youngest patients, a combination of a brush and paste is enough, and later there is a transition to hygiene using the Air-Flow device.

    Adults are shown a comprehensive procedure: removal of hard dental deposits using ultrasound, soft plaque – using the Air-Flow device, and polishing with a brush and paste. In addition, the doctor can clean the remaining plaque between the teeth with special thin strips or floss.

    Once every 6 months, as well as 10 days before or after a birthday, we offer a pleasant 50% discount on professional hygiene for children and adults. Thus, we encourage patients to regularly check the health of their oral cavity.

    What you should know about professional teeth cleaning

    If the patient has gum problems or other contraindications to using regular Air-Flow powder, the procedure should be performed with soft glycine powder. It makes the procedure more comfortable and reduces gum bleeding. It should be noted that the discount is not applied to this stage of hygiene, but it is reserved for ultrasonic cleaning.

    At the end of the procedure, the doctor gives recommendations. It is important to stay away from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth for a while. On the hygiene day, you need to replace the brush, if you use a manual one, or the brush head, if you use an electric one. This is done in order to prevent old bacteria from entering the cleaned oral cavity.

    Professional hygiene is also a great opportunity to consult a doctor about teeth whitening. First, the therapist will help to find out whether you have any contraindications to this procedure. Secondly, he will be able to answer all the questions you may have and choose the type of whitening.

  • Professional whitening

    The best whitening option is a controlled process. Three cycles of 15 minutes (the average duration of the procedure can be individually adjusted) in the dentist’s chair – and your smile will become noticeably whiter.

    The effect is achieved with the help of a special gel, which is applied to the teeth and brightens them under the influence of ultraviolet light.

    The Fläsh whitening system, available at GraDent Sumy, is the most modern generation of teeth whitening lamps developed by German scientists.

    The whitening service includes the procedure itself and the home care system: special toothpaste and mousse for remineralization of teeth to preserve the result as long as possible. 

  • Home whitening

    For those who want to whiten their teeth at home, there are special mouthguards. The doctor takes impressions of the patient’s jaws to make a custom mouthpiece that fits tightly to the gums.

    In order for the cap to be properly filled with gel, it has a special reservoir. The whitening gel is also selected by the doctor during the visit.

    Among the disadvantages: patients do not always follow all the doctor’s recommendations; due to this, swelling of the gums or excessive whitening of the teeth is possible.

    When the patient prefers the Fläsh whitening system, the doctor controls the process, so all risks are minimized.

    Online stores have a large selection of products for teeth whitening at home. The dentists of GraDent Sumy do not recommend patients to choose mouthguards and whitening preparations on their own, because such self-medication can lead to tooth and gum diseases.

    Entrust the beauty and radiance of your smile to professionals.

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